For OBR members

Surveying & recording a house in N. Oxfordshire

We have now recommenced our member events with our first live Presentation Day for three years booked for 26th November 2022. Building recording and other events will follow shortly.

Building surveying and recording is open to all members, serving as training exercises for the novice guided by experienced architectural historians as we analyse and record a wide range of vernacular buildings.

Many of the county’s  historic houses lay hidden behind modernised exteriors, awaiting discovery, and as more of us become aware of what gems lay inside the more we understand how our ancestors lived and shaped their homes.

At our Presentation Day each November members share their year’s achievements and discoveries from around Oxfordshire.

Our AGM held each May is held in a different venue each year and usually includes a guided tour of places of local interest, often inside historic buildngs.

Members touring Tewkesbury buildings

We also sometimes arrange excursions to places of special interest to members.

Details of forthcoming events are listed in our quarterly newsletter. If you have any suggestions for excursions, please contact our events sectretary.

Many of us are also members of the Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society (OAHS) which, in addition to lectures, usually has a full programme of summer excursions, mostly to historic buildings.

See the OAHS website.

Events and courses by other organisations

OAHS Excursions

In addition to their regular meetings, the Oxford Architectural and Historical Society have excursions both near and not so near. See their programme for more details.

Victoria County History

Staff from VCH Oxfordshire regularly give talks to local groups. See their events page for a calendar.

OUDCE (Oxford University Department for Continuing Education)

The Dept for Continuing Education, University of Oxford, hold courses on architectural history, as well as archaeology and local history.

OAHS (Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society).

See programme for list of talks. Tuesdays  5.30pm – 6.30pm. Place:  Rewley House, Oxford.

Weald and Downland Living Museum

The museum runs many courses, from traditional rural trades and crafts to building conservation. They also host a series of evening talks. (And it’s a great place to visit, with over fifty reconstructed historic buildings.) See the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum site for details.