Transcribing District Valuation Surveys

The District Valuation Surveys compiled c.1910-15 under the 1910 Finance Act are an invaluable resource for building historians, containing details of ownership, occupation, building type, and (where relevant) attached acreage, with associated maps. They survive for every parish.
These transcripts of key data from a score of Oxfordshire parishes were undertaken by OBR members initially as a lockdown project. They have not been independently checked, and as the originals are sometimes difficult to decipher there may be some errors. Please let us know if you spot any. Some of the transcripts include additional data from the 1911 census.
The project is ongoing, so please get in touch if you’d like to undertake a transcription of your parish for the OBR website. The originals (in Oxfordshire History Centre) are digitised, and available at 1910 District Valuation Survey (

Completed transcriptions


DV Survey Chadlington DV.X.34 – Diana Bennett

DV Survey Chilson and Wychwood DV.X.39 – Diana Bennett

DV Survey Chipping Norton DV.X.40 – Jan Cliffe

DV Survey Coggs DV.X.42 – David Wheeler

DV Survey Crawley DV.X.42 – David Wheeler

DV Survey Cuddesdon DV.XII.19 – Michael Heaton

DV Survey Curbridge DV.X.42 – David Wheeler

DV Survey Denton DV.XII.19– Michael Heaton

DV Survey Enstone DV.X.50 – Diana Bennett

DV Survey Finstock and Fawler DV.X.53 – Diana Bennett

DV Survey Holton DV.XII.19 – Michael Heaton

DV Survey Horspath DV.XII.19– Michael Heaton

DV Survey Over Norton DV.X.80 – Thom Cather

DV Survey South Stoke DV.XII.57  – Michael Saunders

DV Survey Spelsbury DV.X.88 – Diana Bennett

DV Survey Wheatley DV.XII.19 – M Heaton